The Master Plan

We're not even close to where we want to go.

Future Plans

API for 3rd Party Developers
Evolve Traits
Trait Sets
RC Governance Token
Metaverse Integrations

Coming 2022

⚙️ Idle Staking Game
⚙️ StrandedBots Launch
⚙️ Leaderboards v2
⚙️ Action Tower Game
On-Chain Pinning
User Profiles & Social
PVP in Games
Achievement System
Mobile App
Trait Bounties
Trait Swaps
3rd Game Alpha
Faction System
Seasonal Traits
Additional Apps for Holders


✅ Burn NFTs & Traits
✅ In-Game Currency
✅ Game API
✅ Traitbox Upgrades
✅ Unicorn Planner
✅ Trait Marketplace
✅ StrandedVerse Simulator
✅ Chraracter Planner
✅ Leaderboards
✅ Fusion Feed
✅ Marketplace Aggregator
✅ Discord Holder Verification
✅ Class System
✅ Prestige System
✅ NFT Customization